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Ocean acidification risk assessment f...

Ocean acidification risk assessment for Alaskan fisheries

Alaska is dependent on a healthy marine environment to preserve its commercial fishing industry and the traditional subsistence harvest of seafood. Researchers are anticipating rapid changes in temperature and ocean acidification of the waters that support Alaska’s fisheries. A study has recently been published that promotes the use of an ocean acidification risk assessment for […]

2014 Valdez Silver Salmon Run Failure...

2014 Valdez Silver Salmon Run Failure Examined

Causes of the Valdez Silver salmon run failure that occurred in 2014 are being examined by the local fish hatchery. Hatchery management with the Valdez Fisheries Development Association (VFDA), a private non-profit salmon hatchery in Prince William Sound, have been investigating the weak return of Coho or Silver salmon to the region that occurred last […]

First known freshwater springs found ...

First known freshwater springs found beneath the face of Columbia Glacier

Researchers working with the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council (PWSRCAC) have found what are believed to be the first documented freshwater springs found at the base of a tidewater glacier in Alaska. This investigation was conducted by the Prince William Sound Science Center in support of ongoing council research focused on Columbia Glacier. […]

Trap and Snare Safety for Pet Owners

Trap and Snare Safety for Pet Owners

Trap and snare safety for pet owners becomes important where animals are allowed to run off-leash without supervision. Pets wandering loose on public lands run the risk of encountering a leg hold trap or snare during the winter fur-trapping season. Quick action is vital to preventing injury or making the situation worse. The Alaska Department […]

Alaskan Fisheries are being threatene...

Alaskan Fisheries are being threatened from ocean acidification

Due to increases in the carbon dioxide (CO2) caused by global human development, Alaskan Fisheries are being threatened from ocean acidification. There are at least two highly productive crab fisheries located in state that could be harmed by the uptake of atmospheric CO2 into marine waters. A study published in Progress in Oceanography addresses this […]

Medical Rescue in Juneau

Medical Rescue in Juneau

In this work from the U.S. Coast Guard Art Program 2014 Collection, “Medical Rescue in Juneau‚” a Coast Guard Air Station Sitka MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew prepares the victim of a nearly fatal fall for evacuation from St. James Bay to Juneau where he will be transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. In an […]

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