Crowley Tug Sea Voyager participating in an emergency towing exercise with the tanker Polar Endeavour in Prince William Sound – Photo by Alan Sorum

The Crowley Maritime Tug, Sea Voyager, is a conventional tug built in 1976 by Equitable Shipyards in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sea Voyager is powered by EMD 20-645-E5 diesel engines generating 7,200 horsepower that drive two fixed pitch propellers mounted in Kort nozzles. This power train can produce up to 240,000 pounds of bollard pull. The tug is nearly 150 feet long, is 40 feet wide and draws 13.9 feet of water. Sea Voyager has a double drum towing winch holding a total of 6,600 feet of tow wire and carries two 300 foot emergency towing hawsers.