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Concerns for Vessel Stability: What Recr...

Alaska Purse Seiner - Alan Sorum

Recreational boaters need to deal with the same stability issues experienced by commercial mariners. Addressing vessel stability will make your next trip safer. Stability problems are a major cause of vessel loss and crew death in the commercial fleet. Recreational boaters can learn from the experiences of their larger commercial cousins and operate their own […]

Handy Booklet Navigational Charts Availa...

Navigational Chart 16700 Prince William Sound - Credit: NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has developed and released a navigational tool aimed at the recreational boater. Known as BookletCharts, these nautical charts available for download and printing at home. Thousands of area charts from across the United States are available and Alaskan charts are well represented in the initiative. BookletCharts come as […]

IMO Updates its Guidance for Cold Water ...

Crowley Tug Nanerliq in the Ice Filled Waters of Prince William Sound Alaska - Photo Alan Sorum

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Maritime Safety Committee approved revisions of its cold water survival guide during November 2012. These standards were revised due to advancements made in our understanding of coldwater physiology and medical treatment. While the guidance is aimed at mariners, anyone working or playing on northern waters will benefit from its advice. […]