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Is Ash Falling? Online Reporting of Volc...

Pavlof Volcano - Photo by Brandon Wilson

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) has launched an online ash fall data collection system. Titled Is Ash Falling?, the site offers citizen scientists a chance to help in assessment of volcanic eruption plumes. Adding real time field observations can help delineate the character and size of an eruption plume. Information is also passed to the […]

High Tech Aircraft to Improve North Paci...

NOAA Gulfstream IV in Flight - Photo by NOAA

Accurate weather forecasting is vital to Alaskans, whether it’s planning for an outdoor activity or making a decision to travel to the next town. The National Weather Service (NWS) works hard to provide accurate forecasts and it is always good to see greater support for their efforts. Our weather service is part of a larger […]

Alaska Aurora and Space Weather Forecast...

Aurora Over Fairbanks, Alaska - Alan Sorum

Alaska being part of the circumpolar north experiences displays of northern lights or Aurora Borealis frequently in the winter months. These natural light shows can stretch from horizon to horizon and display remarkable variations in their color and intensity. Aurora viewing is popular with Alaska residents and visitors alike. Being able to witness the northern […]