Black BearThe State of Alaska has opened the Alaska Fish and Game Online Store operated by its Department of Fish and Game. This site will allow a person to purchase and print out a number of different hunting and fishing license products and facilitates the ordering of other items that need to be shipped to the purchaser.

These products are available through the site:

  • Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Licenses
  • Commercial Crewmember Licenses
  • King Salmon Stamps
  • Big Game Locking Tags
  • State of Alaska Duck Stamps
  • Big Game Draw Permits
  • McNeil River Bear Viewing Permit
  • Sport Fish Guide and Business Owner Registration

In a press release, Licensing Supervisor Michelle Kaelke says, “Having more customers purchase their licenses online saves the department money by eliminating the need to manually data capture the paper licenses, plus it provides more accurate information as we don’t have to try to read customers’ handwritten information. Having more accurate and instant information will also help our resource managers use this license information in a more timely manner.”

Along with the convenience of printing a license on demand, purchasers of King salmon and duck stamps will have their stamp validation numbers printed directly on their license. Licenses and stamps can be difficult to purchase in some areas and after hours. The online store will also allow for the purchase of multiple licenses within one transaction. This feature will prove handy to sport lodges and commercial fish processors.

In the future, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game plans to make electronic licenses available at local license vendors and allow these licenses to be displayable on mobile devices.

The Alaska Fish and Game Online Store is located at Contact Fish and Game at or call 907.465.2376 for further information on the initiative.