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High Mercury Levels Found in Alaskan Par...

High Mercury Levels Found in Alaskan Park Fish

A study conducted for the National Park Service (NPS) was recently published by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) concerning high mercury levels found in Alaskan national park fishes. High concentrations of mercury negatively affect wildlife survival and reproductive success. Human consumption of fish with elevated levels of mercury contributes to a number of serious […]

The Economic Impact of Alaska Seafood

Economic Value of the Alaska Seafood Industry

A recently published study sponsored by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute highlights the economic impact of Alaska seafood within the State, the Pacific Northwest and the country as a whole. Conducted by the McDowell Group, the report details direct, indirect and induced economic effects generated by the Alaska seafood industry. The McDowell Group also provides […]

Identifying Longline Fishing Boats in Al...

Alaska Longliner - Alan Sorum

Alaska longline fishing boats or longliners are responsible for bringing some of the most popular seafood in the United States to market. Longliners are named after the fishing gear that they deploy to target Pacific halibut and Black cod or sablefish. The fishing gear used by longliners is normally composed of 100 fathom (600 foot […]