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Park Service Sustainable Seafood Policy ...

Sunrise on the Fairweather Mountain peaks over the Margerie Glacier - Photo by NPS

Park Service sustainable seafood policy questioned: Seemingly following in the footsteps of Wal-Mart, the National Park Service recently announced its phase out of seafood used by park concessionaires not certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as being part of a sustainable fishery. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell released news of this seafood policy on […]

Mercury and Guidelines for Fish Consumpt...

Alaska Seine Boat F/V Journeyman

Alaskan’s have become increasingly aware of the relationship of mercury and guidelines for fish consumption. Much of this awareness is the result of efforts made by activists like Dr. Jane Hightower MD, who recently had her book Diagnosis Mercury: Money, Politics, and Poison published. State public health officials continue to emphasize how important the benefits […]

Commercial Gillnet Fishing Boats in Alas...

Alaska Gillnetter at Cordova Launch Ramp with Float Plane - Alan Sorum

Commercial gillnet fishing boats are a common sight on the Alaska waterfront. Gillnets are used to capture Alaska’s salmon in both personal and commercial fisheries. Gillnets can be fished off a boat or set along the shoreline. A gillnetter is a boat engaged in drift gillnetting, while fishing a gillnet with one end anchored to […]