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Effects of Localized Pollution – Short-l

Surface Temperature Change

As an arctic state, it is recognized that Alaska will bear the significant effects of climate change. Extensive beach erosion and disappearing lakes offer clues of coming change. The state worldview of the issue is at times tenuous. While many leaders here deny even the existence of climate change, most will concede change is underway. […]

Arctic Integrated Management and Plannin...

A USGS researcher took a picture of this nearly century-old whaling boat in July 2007 along the Beaufort Sea coast near Lonely, Alaska. The boat washed away to sea just a few months later. Courtesy of Benjamin Jones, USGS

The United States is one of only eight Arctic nations in the world, overseeing a region that is at the forefront of climate change. As the majority landowner in Alaska, the Federal government is responsible for the development and conservation of natural resources in the state. An interagency working group released a report advancing an […]

The Second Columbia Glacier Iceberg Moni...

W.T. Pfeffer, 2007, from The Opening of a New Landscape: Columbia Glacier at Mid-Retreat, published by American Geophysical Union.

Icebergs calving from Columbia Glacier and drifting into the vessel traffic lanes frequented by oil tankers transiting Prince William Sound has long been a subject of interest to the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council (Council) and especially its Port Operations and Vessel Traffic System (POVTS) Committee. Historically, the Council was participated in pioneering […]