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Glacier Change from Icefield to Ocean Af...

Glacier Change from Icefield to Ocean Affects the Future

Glacier icefields cover a significant part of Alaska and they effect the state’s resource based economy. Power generation, tourism activities and fish productivity are all influence by the behavior of glaciers. Glacier change from icefield to ocean affects Alaska’s future. Shad O’Neel, a researcher with the U.S. Geological Survey has coauthored a paper that begins […]

Discovery of a Unique Snow Scorpionfly S...

Ventral view of female Caurinus tlagu – Photo by Derek Sikes

Researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks announced the discovery of a unique Snow Scorpionfly species in Alaska. The tiny insect is described as being cryptic, enigmatic, strange and so rare as to defy initial identification. A possible predecessor to fleas, the minute creature was found on the northern half of Prince of Wales Island […]