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Sculpted by Ice: Glaciers and the Alaska...

Sculpted by Ice: Glaciers and the Alaska Landscape - Michael Collier

Glaciers are an iconic feature of the Alaska landscape. These rivers of ice cover some five percent of the state and have dramatically molded the very shape of its land. Michael Collier introduces his readers to the wonders of these frozen features of the north in Sculpted by Ice: Glaciers and the Alaska Landscape. Alaska […]

Wrangell Island Alaska

Wrangel Chief Ka Shakes

Wrangell Island Alaska is a community steeped in rich history, home to people for thousands of years. It is an island community in southern Southeast Alaska that has experienced the boom and bust resource development process so prevalent in Alaska’s past. Wrangell Island, strategically overlooking the mouth of the Stikine River, has been governed by […]